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Providing personalized, quality, household staff

Our children are the joy of our lives but at that time when you have to stay back at work or go for a social gathering where kids can’t come along, we will be your friend in need.

We have our staff ready for around the clock care for your children. And with intensive background checks you can be assured your children are in the best hands.

MHS will work with you to create a domestic service plan that fits your unique needs. 

We offer a wide array of domestic services such as cleaning, washing, walking the dog, cooking, ironing and grocery shopping. No matter how big or small the job, we can create the perfect domestic service plan that will guarantee to leave you fully satisfied.

Are you looking for someone to drive you around? MHS is the perfect place to reach out to.

MHS ensures you have a qualified driver allocated to your family full-time or part-time. Our experienced driver will ensure to drive you and your family safely to your different destinations. 


If you have a problem with your domestic chores, we have someone to fix it.

From allocating the right Cook, Electrician, Plumber, Security Guard or Gardener, MHS ensures to find you the perfect household partner for your domestic chores.

Did we forget anything in the list? Contact us and we'll ensure to help you with your domestic chores.

Your Chores. We Care!

MHS Corporate

It's always tedious to find the right Office Cleaning services for your company. MHS Corporate has everything you need to keep your business clean, safe and tidy. From professional Office Cleaners, Security Guards, Drivers to Gardeners, we have all the estate staff your company needs.

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